Safer Bank

How can you ensure more security and control with your customer payments?

Safer Bank

Safer Bank allows our driver a safe way to receive passengers' payments, manage your receivables, and perform your financial investments. In addition to this, it can issue prepaid credit cards for your dependents, and other benefits.

On Safer Bank's digital platform, all financial transactions are audited and controlled as well as in all commercial banks in Brazil. The purpose of this benefit is to gain agility, safety and allow drivers to own their small businesses by facilitating enrollment in the Individual Micro- Entrepreneurs License – MEI, and thus obtain all the tax and legal benefits of having their registration together with Income Taxes, as well as a company.


Through this service, the owner of the digital account can use his cell phone to access more than 20 different products, whether to obtain credit, buy insurance, recharges, health insurance, or other products.

Another advantage is to be able to access the account at ATMs in Brazil and abroad. E-wallet is the means to take advantage of the new products released by the Central Bank such as PIX, which allows payments of different products and services in an economical, fast, and safe way. This will reduce the need to have a checking account and the obligation to carry cash – so it is safer for the driver.

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