Safer partnerships

Have you ever considered offering this service to your travelers?

Imagine your passengers’ experience when disembarking at their destination with transfer guaranteed, without having to worry about WI-FI, apps pickup point, surprising fares, delays of drivers, endless lines, etc.

Those classics annoyances are the features of places with massive landings of passengers. We are the first urban mobility company in the world to supply this integrated service for airlines or bus companies. Moreover, we also attend to hub management companies, like airports and huge shopping centers that constantly need to drain large numbers of customers or passengers at once, and at the same time supply quality customer services.

How does the partnership with Safer works?

We integrate our service software to your ticket sales website, so you can offer your customer one more advantage when he/she chooses your company to travel. All in one gesture, the passenger can purchase the car transfer to leave the airport or bus terminal.

In addition to supplying this convenience, those who integrate with Safer can offer more added value by showing this unprecedented service to their customers, generating more revenue, recurrence, and increasing their occupancy rates per vehicle. Today more than 70% of travelers leave high-flow hubs carried by apps that are not able to provide a satisfactory experience. Imagine how much your company can earn if you make all travel sections available, from the first to the last mile integrated into the ticket that you already sell?

For this reason, in addition to the partnership with the road, subway, and airlines companies, such as LATAM, we have a partnership with the major administrators of high flow hubs in Latin America and the USA totaling about 100 contracts such as airports, bus stations, subways, and shopping malls.

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