Make your life easier! Buy your e-ticket for airline or bus travel at the partner airlines or bus websites!

garanta a corrida de carro do aeroporto para o seu destino final!
Passo 1

This way you can guarantee your car transfer from the airport or bus station directly to your final destination!

Go Safer! And you can already program your departure from the airport or bus station, with no surprises with taxi fares, and you can also have your car transfer guaranteed from the airport to your final destination!

a safer já está lá
Passo 2

safer is there already

We are different because we are at the transport hub, like airports and bus stations to pick you up. Moreover, you no longer need to order a car, because you already did this when buying your e-ticket.

check in rápido e fácil
Passo 3

check in quick and easy

Your Safer pass is sent by email or SMS. Ah, if your battery has run flat, just seek one of our totems to check-in. It is quick and easy.

boa viagem!
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Have a good trip!

Show your QR code to the driver who is waiting for you on the arriving passengers’ sidewalk.